Complete Series Synopsis

MOE - Amazon eBookMurder on Everest- When the only son of the world’s richest and most powerful man dies attempting to climb Mount Everest, his family is hellbent on getting answers. Outraged by the incompetence of many, Michael Sodoc wants his son’s body recovered.

Convincing the surviving members of the expedition team to return to Everest, Sodoc puts billions on the line—determined to blame someone. But what he discovers might be more than anyone imagined. Will the sinister truth at the peak begin an avalanche of betrayal and danger?

Set against the backdrop of the world’s highest and deadliest mountain, Murder on Everest is filled with intrigue, sex, betrayal and mystery.

MOEl - Amazon eBookMurder on Elbrus
–  Still reeling from the dangers of Everest, world famous mountaineer, Scott Devlon is dispatched by the Defense Intelligence Agency to observe an European Union sponsored conference in southern Russia.

But when things turn deadly and a Russian official is murdered atop Europe’s highest mountain, Scott’s life is on the line as he teams up with the beautiful Natasha, the most powerful woman in the media world. Together, they flee across war-torn Chechnya while Russian Special Forces are closing in. But Scott’s enemies may be closer than he ever realized. With time running out, is there anyone he can trust?

Set against the bleak terrain of the north Caucasus this action packed mystery unfolds at a breakneck pace with thrilling highs and terrifying lows.

MOMM - Amazon eBookMurder on Mt. McKinley – As chief executives of rivaling oil companies attempt to construct an Alaskan pipeline, danger sets in and lives are lost. Finding himself suddenly atop one of the world’s largest summits, Scott Devlon is once again thrust into yet another murder mystery. Now, it’s up to Devlon to weather the storm and reach the apex of Mt. McKinley to uncover the truth.

With competitors, Russians, Native American cultists, and environmental extremists fighting for rights, the motives are flying high. Will this mountaineer discover the truth before it’s too late?

MOPJ - Amazon eBookMurder on Puncak Jaya
– Adventurer Scott Devlon is set to climb Puncak Jaya—one of the world’s largest summits. Conquering the highest mountain in Oceania is the least of Devlon’s concerns. Located in one of the most forbidding regions on earth, the Puncak Jaya is home to dangerous cannibals and deadly headhunters.

But once he journeys through the jungle straight to the icy top, Devlon encounters a murder. With harrowing chases, rogue gold miners, and prehistoric tribal rites, Devlon embarks upon a nonstop adventure and a breathtaking climax at the apex. But will this quest for answers be too deadly for the courageous adventurer?

MOA - Amazon eBookMurder on Aconcagua
– With Scott Devlon on another climbing expedition in South America for the US Defense Intelligence Agency, he’s determined to confirm a report that rare golden idols have been discovered and are headed to a Venezuelan enemy. According to legend, whomever possesses the idols is indestructible. It’s up to Devlon to stop the transfer of the precious cargo.

But will Devlon learn that his invincible enemies will stop at nothing to get their hands on the precious idols?



MOVM - Amazon eBookMurder on Vinson Massif – Still searching for the legendary golden Inca idols, Scott Devlon is hot on the trail. A murderous enemy is out for money—and blood. And Devlon is hellbent on stopping another life from being lost.

Trekking to the top of the highest mountain on the world’s most unwelcoming continent proves more perilous than any voyage before. Murder and treachery once again abound as the high tech expedition braves the Antarctic night with temperatures falling below minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Will old friends and fresh enemies die as Scott seeks the lost idols?


MOK - Amazon eBookMurder on Kilimanjaro – When the United States president plans a climbing expedition to the top of Killmanjaro with his long, lost son, Scott Devlon is called upon to guide the entourage. But when all hell breaks loose, it’s up to Devlon to stop a deadly assassin and save the president. With the fate of the country in his hands, will the brave adventurer protect his nation or will this expedition be his last?

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