Murder on Everest

Murder on Everest

MOE - Amazon eBookMurder on Everest
(A Summit Murder Mystery)
Written by Charles G. Irion
Publisher: Irion Books, LLC
Paperback $25.95
Kindle $2.99
328 pages

When the only son of the world’s richest and most powerful man dies attempting to climb Mount Everest, his family is hellbent on getting answers. Outraged by the incompetence of many, Michael Sodoc wants his son’s body recovered.

Convincing the surviving members of the expedition team to return to Everest, Sodoc puts billions on the line—determined to blame someone. But what he discovers might be more than anyone imagined. Will the sinister truth at the peak begin an avalanche of betrayal and danger?

Set against the backdrop of the world’s highest and deadliest mountain, Murder on Everest is filled with intrigue, sex, betrayal and mystery.

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